High Quality Waveplates and Retarders for Laser Applications

2023-04-26 19:33:07 By : admin
Hangzhou Shalom EO, a leading supplier of high-quality optical components for laser applications, has announced the availability of a range of waveplate and retarder products. These products are designed to meet the needs of a variety of laser applications, from scientific research to industrial manufacturing.

Waveplates, also known as retardation plates or phase retarders, are optical components that change the polarization of an input beam of light. They are used in a variety of applications, including laser interferometry, polarization rotation, wavelength tuning, and waveplate retardation. Shalom EO's waveplate products include low-order waveplates, zero-order waveplates, true zero-order waveplates, achromatic order waveplates, and dual waveplates.
Waveplates and Retarders

Low-order waveplates are suitable for use with low-power lasers and are available in a range of quarter-wave and half-wave designs. Zero-order waveplates are designed for use with high-power lasers and offer higher polarization purity and stability than low-order waveplates. True zero-order waveplates are single-plate designs that are manufactured to precise specifications, ensuring high polarization stability and low wavefront distortion. Achromatic order waveplates are designed for use with broadband light sources, such as white-light lasers, and offer polarization purity over a wide range of wavelengths. Dual waveplates are designed to provide both a phase shift and a polarization rotation in a single component, enabling greater control and flexibility in laser applications.

Shalom EO's waveplate products are made from high-quality materials, including quartz, crystal quartz, and magnesium fluoride. The company's manufacturing process ensures high optical quality, with low wavefront distortion and high laser damage thresholds.

In addition to waveplates, Shalom EO also offers a range of other optical components, including polarizers, beam splitters, mirrors, and lenses. The company's products are widely used in scientific research, industrial manufacturing, and other applications, where quality and performance are critical.

Shalom EO's waveplate and retarder products are complemented by the company's extensive technical expertise and customer support. The company's team of optical engineers and technicians can assist customers in selecting the right product for their application, as well as providing technical advice and support throughout the product's lifetime.

Shalom EO's products are manufactured at the company's state-of-the-art facility in Hangzhou, China. The company uses advanced equipment and testing methods to ensure the highest quality and reliability of its products.

DIEN TECH, a sister company of Shalom EO, specializes in the research, design, manufacturing, and sale of a range of nonlinear optical crystals, laser crystals, magneto-optic crystals, and substrates. The company's products are widely used in scientific research, beauty and industrial markets.

In conclusion, Shalom EO's waveplate and retarder products offer high performance and reliability, backed by the company's extensive technical expertise and customer support. With its commitment to quality and innovation, Shalom EO stands as a trusted supplier of optical components for laser applications.